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Garden Abode

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” — Gary Snyder. As humans, our connection to nature is undeniable. It is for that reason that we should always be intentional about creating (and maintaining) an harmonious relationship nature by protecting the environment. The Garden Abode program, regardless of whether someone is homeless, a student, or just part of the neighborhood, aims to teach as well as encourage community members to beautify their communities by planting vegetable gardens, flowers, and trees. Additionally, the program is also focused on removing street pollution from underserved neighborhoods.

Our projects, initiatives, and services (listed to the right) all work in tandem to engage in advocacy-based research in order to achieve our programmatic goals:

  • To improve the environmental conditions of underserved neighborhoods 

  • To increase community members understanding of the connection between community (and human) wellness and nature.

Street Poet Initiative (S.P.I)

The Street Poet Initiative (S.P.I) is an economic empowerment initiative that centers the personal and community development of unhoused (i.e. homeless) community members while also beautifying neighborhoods. Through S.P.I members, are paid to remove street pollution as well as are provided limited amount of resources to support their personal development.  

Wellness for Our Daughters Campaign

A campaign that centers menstrual health and nutritional wellness at the heart of environmental change in underserved neighborhoods may seem odd but when we think about the importance of women's health in sustaining communities this campaign is necessary. Wellness for Our Daughters is a campaign that uplifts the importance of combating food deserts and food swamps with access to freshly grown produce and less processed foods through the lens of women's health.  

Kitchen Garden Club 

Our virtual kitchen garden club is a space to learn more about the power of plants as well as learn about gardening tips to start your own garden. We believe that access to healthy, homegrown food is not out of reach when given the proper tools. 

Our Research 

Stay informed about our Garden Abode research projects by joining our listserv. 

For Garden Abode updates, click here. 

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