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Intern With Us

Become a Community Coordinator

Are you looking for an internship? An opportunity that provides you with real life job experiences while assisting you in your career growth? Then intern with The Neighborhood as a Community Coordinator! The Community Coordinator will have the opportunity to learn more about the operational component of nonprofit organizations, strengthen their leadership and project management skills by coordinating supervised projects for our programs, and serve their community in a transformative way. The Community Coordinator will intern for approximately 10-15 hrs per week over a 9-month period. 



  • Strong writing and oral communication skills

  • Currently enrolled in college degree program

  • Strong computer skills (i.e. Google Suite, Microsoft Office

  • Familiar with managing social media accounts

  • Must pass a background check


  • Reliable transportation

  • Website editing skills (i.e. Wix)

Intern Perks:

  • Recommendation Letters

  • Job References

  • Limited Textbook Assistance

  • Limited Professional Development Assistance

  • On-site travel stipends 

How to Apply: 

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to us with subject line being "Community Coordinator". In the cover letter, tell us why you want to intern with Neighborhood. Also in your cover letter, please address the letter to the "Board of Directors". Send your completed application packet to

We are currently not accepting applications at this time. 

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