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Welcome to Neighborhood Blvd

Updated: May 19, 2019

In our mainstream media, the popular stories that focus on celebrities, scandals and world events are highlighted, leaving important stories regarding everyday communities untold. More often than not, these popular stories embody conflict causing the stories told to highlight problems but not really any solutions. Problems with no solutions are the foundation for stagnation and underserved communities truly feel this lack of progress. In underserved communities in which suffering is being passed down, like a gift, to future generations, it is necessary to engage in more proactive community building as well as highlight the amazing acts being done in these areas, even if they are small acts.

The lack of progress/ current stagnations being experienced in these communities are causing children of color to be targets for injustices such as police brutality, families to be broken apart through our current justice system, low primary education performance in book deserts communities, and a lack of financial stability within these communities due to limited businesses and lack of financial literacy (i.e. savings, investments). To add to this suffering, these stagnations are all wrapped in neighborhood violence that community members have to experience everyday. At the end of the day, underserved communities in the U.S. experience a different, harsher reality of life than the rest of the country but all is not lost.

To thrive, underserved communities do not merely need to have a seat a the table to spark community change, each community member must work with one another to build a table to have a seat. So the articles on our new blog, Neighborhood Blvd, will allow our audience to experience progressive change in underserved communities, that are often times forgotten, while also motivating our audience to be catalyst of change in their own community.

Thank you for stopping by Neighborhood Blvd! To stay up to date with our work subscribe to blog by simply writing to us via email at as well as follow us on Instagram (@communityneighbordmv).

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