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Programs & Special Initiatives

Our '3E' community pillars (civic engagement, education, and environmental justice) provides the foundation for the work that we do and how we engage with local community members. To learn more about our programs and special initiatives check out the links below. 

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We The People

Youth Civic Engagement 

Preserving our neighborhoods begins with understanding the laws and policies that defined it. The We the People program is focused on elevating the voices of our youth by empowering them to be civically engaged individuals through educational resources and engaging community conversations. 

Garden Abode

Beautifying Neighborhoods

Our neighborhood, like a garden, should be an oasis of peace. However, in underserved neighborhoods, food deserts are common and streets are filled in street pollution (i.e. litter). The Garden Abode program is committed to combating these common environmental and social injustices in order to beautify these neighborhoods. 



Community Book Club

Examining our social conditions in order to change it for the better involves accountability and creativity. #ReadingIsGrowth is a virtual book club that explores the conditions of society through dystopian literary works. Join our book club by following us on IG (@communityneighbordmv)!

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Advocacy Based Research 

The programs we develop and the special initiatives we engage in as an organization all leads to equipping ourselves as well as our community members with the knowledge needed to be (and become) better community advocates. Whether qualitative or quantitative our research is intended to uplift and mitigate common social issues in underserved neighborhoods. 

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