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Become a Guest Blogger

Neighborhood Blvd is our online blog in which we uplift voices and positive community actions of individuals and local organizations that are making positive change in their neighborhood through community engagement activities. Although our articles primarily focus on community engagement activities in underserved neighborhoods in the DC metropolitan area, we also discuss important societal issues that impact our society as a whole based on our 3E community pillars: education, civic engagement, and environmental justice. 


How To Volunteer 

To uplift the voices of local community members, we are constantly looking for guest bloggers to submit articles to us about positive, community engagement activities occurring in their neighborhood (i.e. home or school).  And if nothing positive is happening at the moment, bloggers can write about something positive that they would like to see in their community.  Selected articles must meet the words requirement of 500-700 words. 


High School Volunteers

For high school students that attend school in DC (Wards 5-8), Prince George’s County, or alternative schools in the DC metropolitan area, these students have the opportunity to write as a guest blogger for volunteer credit. The benefits of volunteering:

  • Receive 3hrs of volunteer credit for each article submitted and published

  • Improve writing skills

  • Build a greater connection to your community

  • Unlimited submissions



If you're a high school student that would like to volunteer but don't have anything to write about, then participate in our blogger challenge.  Through our Instagram account (@communityneighbordmv), we post a blog challenge every week in which we provide an article prompt that students can write about. Students have approximately 5 days to write the article (approx. 500-700 words) and submit it to us by the set deadline to be reviewed. Once reviewed, edited, and posted, the student will receive their volunteer credit.  This is a great opportunity for students to strengthen their writing and analytical stills.  

Any questions, email us at

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