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We The People

"We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union..." are the first words of the preamble to the U.S. Constitution. We the People is an enrichment program that aims to spark a sense of civic engagement in the younger generation. Program participants will learn more about the Constitution and laws and policies in their state. We hope to the ignite the fire of future lawyers, policymakers, policy analysts, and judges.

Our projects, initiatives, and services (listed to the right) all work in tandem to engage in advocacy-based research in order to achieve our programmatic goals:

  • Increase the youth's understanding of civic engagement.

  • Encourage community members to be involved in their local community 

  • Provide educational resources to community members to equip them with the tools to be their best community advocates.

Rap Is Political Art (R.I.P.A Podcast)

Rap Is Political Art is a podcast series that explores social and political issues in the U.S. through the lens of pop culture mediums such as music, movies. and visual art. To check out the podcast, visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Constitution Campaign 

The U.S. Constitution is the cornerstone for local, state, and national politics in the U.S. To understand this law-and-order arena, it's important to know about the constitution. The Constitution Campaign is our ambitious community initiative to provide U.S. Constitutions to every household in Washington, DC and Prince George's County, MD. 

We The Youth (Coming Soon)

Our schools should not be ran like miniature correctional facilities and yet in underserved neighborhoods, students are often treated like future inmates. One way to combat this treatment is through our detention alternative services, We the Youth. Through this service, students learn about the importance of policies and analyze legislative bills while earning volunteer hours. 

Our Research 

Stay informed about our research projects that relate to the We The People program by joining our listserv. 

For We The People updates, click here. 

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